8 Facts about SEO

What would you like to know about SEO? Is it how the Google ranks the website? How to make use of Google Analytics? If yes, stay tuned at e West Midlands blog page.

As of now, let’s see some random stuff about SEO.

  1. 75% of SEO is done on off-page mode. Yes, just 25% of the SEO is depending directly on your webpage performance.
  2. Google doesn’t care about sitemap unless it is in XML. Google is not specific on how the sitemap should list. It has got nothing to do with the Search Engine Optimization.
  3. Google visits your homepage first: It is not your blog site or services page that Google visits first. It is the homepage that draws attention.
  4. Webpage load time should be 2-3 seconds. Nobody wants to have that long loading command to pop up in front of your audience. The website must be fast and swift.
  5. Appealing Meta descriptions under 155 characters is the best. Nobody cares about those long descriptions unless it is what they are looking for. A short Meta description is known to increase the click-through rates.
  6. Page title matters: A good page title can work wonders. It is a vital on-page SEO element next to content.
  7. Top 5 results are clicked by 75% of the users: The last is the least here. The location also matters. For example, if you are located at Willenhall, optimize your webpage so that Willenhall target users would arrive at your website.
  8. 91% of Internet users dwell on surfing every month

Now that’s a number. Make sure that the content drives enough traffic.

These facts are useful enough for driving traffic to your website.

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