How Can Digital Marketing Help A Business Prosper In 2019?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing could be defined as the method by which you advertise your products via digital channels such as websites, search engines, social media, mobile apps, and email marketing. With digital marketing, businesses can curb their campaign progress through real-time analytics with a single click.

Digital marketing transcends beyond social media. It plays a vital role in creating brand awareness and converting your leads into customers. Digital marketing not only heralds you with a social presence but also takes your business to the right audience at the right time. There are a plethora of options available for businesses leveraging digital marketing.

In this era of digitalization, digital marketing is the key to create brand awareness among masses.

How does it work for business growth?

Enabling traditional marketing methodologies consumes more time and money. Depending on word-of-mouth, print media such as Newspaper or magazine ads and TV Commercials are not as effective and simple as social media marketing. Digital marketing will accentuate your brand presence easily, in a shorter time and lesser cost.

With digital marketing, businesses can curb their campaign progress through real-time analytics with a single click. Earlier, it was quite cumbersome to keep track of the progress of their marketing campaigns. Statistics according to Tech Times say that more than 46% of Americans will definitely check their smartphone before getting out of bed. Such is the dominance exerted by Digital media on businesses!

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the process by which you optimize your website to rank at the top of the search engine. It helps your website to increase online visibility and get more traffic. It revolves around optimizing web content so that it is easily indexed by the search engine and appears at the top in the search engine page results.

How does it work for business growth?

Once you rank your website in the topmost pages, you will gain extremely high brand value. You will gain more website audience through organic clicks by optimizing your website according to your preferable keywords.


• It is powerful, effective and possible with better website strategies
• It adds incredible value to your brand
• Increase website traffic

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO (search engine optimization) affects the visibility of your website or web search engine’s unpaid results, which can be referred to as national, earned or organic results or your web page. Your website is optimized according to your local audience in the form of Google Maps and other means.

How Local SEO helps to get you more and more customer footfall?

Local SEO helps your local audience locate you easily. If you are listed on the first page of the search engine, then it becomes easy for them to get in touch with you.


• More audience, more leads, more customers. Local SEO is known for bringing in the more local audience to your website.
• You can define who your scope of the audience is and target them accordingly with social media campaigns and e-mail marketing.

What is Google Ads (PPC)?

Google Ads is defined as the hamper for your advertisements, landing pages, and AdWords advertisements. When the audience clicks on your Ad, then you will be paid by the advertiser, which is defined as Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ads, which appears when you search are also common ways to attract your audience to your website. According to conceptualized design, the top 5 URLs get the majority of 75% clicks.

How does it help to generate revenue with a paid marketing strategy?

With relevant topics, amusing content and a user-minded strategy, you are more likely to generate more audience, in turn, more traffic. If the audience clicks on the relevant ads that get displayed on your website, then it gets converted into revenue.


• You can gain more visibility compared to your competitors.
• With better content, you can generate more revenue through Google Ads.

What is Social Media Optimization?

Social media optimization (SMO) could be defined as the use of a number of outlets as well as communities in order to generate publicity to increase the awareness of a product, service brand or event.

How does it work?

You optimize your social media pages according to your audience based on geography and demographics. You can keep yourself updated on customer trends.


• With Social Media Optimization, you can increase your brand value and the traffic which can be redirected to your website.
• You can communicate with your audience, leads, and customers and form better customer bonds.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the method by which you draw the attention of your audience through your social media platforms via activities on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on.

How does it work?

The first step is to create a social media (most preferably business account). Then you can plan your campaign activities, which could also be boosted or paid campaigns.

The three essentials for a better social media campaign are killer content, stellar design, and better marketing strategy. You can’t expect your audience to see eye to eye with a boring social media plan.


• It helps you know what your competitors are doing and devise winning marketing strategies.
• With a less-to-no budget, you can create the best social media strategy and attract leads.
• With 3.196 billion social media users, you can create a spotlight for your business with impeccable social media campaigns.
• Startups and SMEs should let their audience know they are in the game.
• By enabling social media, they could express their thoughts and let the audience know their capability.

What is Self-explainer Video?

Usage of videos is crucial to convert your website visitors from leads to customers. According to word stream, making use of videos on landing pages will increase conversions by 86%. Self-explainer videos climb the ladder first while speaking about videos in general. These shorter videos are used to explain what your products are, how it helps your customers and the benefits and features of your product.

How does it work for your business?

• With self-explainer video, you could explain your products, services in a concise manner within a shorter period. This would help the audience gain real-time insight into your products.
• It paves way for clearer communication.
• They are known to increase customer loyalty.

Digital marketing is the trend of 2019 for businesses willing to expand their brand among masses. Leveraging Google Ads, Social Media Marketing and Self-explainer videos will boost your brand incredibly. Through direct advertising with digital marketing, you could increase your consumer reach, improve consumer’s convenience to shopping online, promote your brand easily and get instant feedback. This will in turn lead to reduced costs and time.

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