Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends That will Dominate 2019

As we are in the fourth quarter of 2018, the buzz about the new Digital Marketing trends for 2019 has already started making noise. At e West Midlands, a Digital Marketing Company, we keep a close eye on the latest news and trends that may hit the upcoming year, now and then.

So here we are presenting the top 3 trends we believe will dominate 2019.

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Trend# 1- Chatbots and Marketing Automation

When it comes to serving the online social media market, Chatbots and Marketing Automation will stand first. According to IBM predictions, chatbots willpower around 85% of customer service interactions. Chatbots not only allow an effective way of mass communication but also round the clock communication channel between the business and the audience, resulting in customer satisfaction.

Trend 2# Increase of Live story option

Facebook and Instagram’s live video services already made waves in the past years and in 2019, it will grow even more. Storytelling in micro-moments and social moving in the vertical video will be on the rise. By 2019, adding video will become the essential part of Digital Marketing strategy and not to be surprised, two or three videos will be the part of the content in the upcoming years. Undoubtedly, Digital Marketing Experts should consider adding videos to their social media strategy.

Trend 3# Social Media will indulge in all services

Connecting to social media giants is a matter of pressing a few buttons. In 2019, this trend will not only continue but will increase drastically. Moreover, you can see many social platforms that will be integrated with other services as well. Around 90% of applications will share their user’s data with the audience and create a seamless experience across the third-party apps. This enables them to control the devices and get all the information you give to social media giant to expand and offer better and complete services.

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