Do’s and Don’ts of SEO

Changes in SEO over the recent years are bit overwhelming. It has tweaked the user experience which ensures that spam websites or flaky contents do not rank anymore. To avoid the common SEO mistakes, here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts of SEO.

Do’s: Make use of Keywords Analytics

Keyword analytics through Alexa, Moz, Hubspot or Marketo helps you know which keywords rank more before you write content.

Do’s: Use Long-tailed keywords

Ranking for phrases that relate to your business or specific, location-based, long-tailed keywords has a low difficulty score since lesser number of sites are competing.

Do’s: For SEO, you have to focus on content around keywords.

Search Engine Optimization is about focusing your content on the keywords. Create a relevant, quality content and focus it on your keywords.

Do’s: Use proper links

Having multiple web pages with the same keyword doesn’t help your Search Engine Optimization. A good SEO Agency knows it. Use links only to enhance your user experience.

Don’t: Copy-paste or use duplicate contents

Search Engine Optimization is smarter than we think. So if you copy-paste a piece of content, it pulls down your website ranking.

Don’t: Copy larger external content

Again, it is not advisable at all to support a larger number of external content. A proper SEO Service provider won’t do it. Google also penalizes such contents.

Don’t: Link too often to external sites

Linking to adult contents or spam websites again penalizes such websites. Unnatural outbound links are never allowed by any Search Engine Optimization neither any agency recommends.

Don’t: Overuse many keywords

Do not dump your content with keywords since Search Engine Optimization also gives preference to content quality rather than content quantity. Quality always wins over quantity.

Remember these do’s and don’ts while choosing a good SEO Company.

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