Few Digital Marketing Trends

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Our team of SEO Services keeps themselves updated with all the upcoming and evolving trends. With deep analysis of successful strategies that can create a massive difference to your business, we have concluded that these 3 trends of online marketing that should not be ignored. Let’s have a look –

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is happening and will become even more prolific and crucial for marketers. Why? Well, because humans are not in a few tasks such as scaling and collating a vast amount of data. So, here, AI plays a crucial role. Some examples of AI are programmatic media buying, voice search, marketing automation etc.

Video is the KING

In 2017, video marketing has grabbed 74% of all online traffic. It has been proved that four times more consumers prefer to watch a video than to read about it. Speaking about 2 most important video types of videos, SEO Company Experts are focusing into – Live streaming (Facebook Live, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.) and six seconds video ads (YouTube, Fox)

Mobile Marketing

With the rapid rise of tablets and smartphones, many trends and SEO Packages are available including us are prioritizing mobile marketing. This is because increasingly consumers are receiving emails, viewing content and purchasing products from the small screen. Now companies are redesigning their blogs and website that are responsive to ensure that they are optimizing their mobile devices. Even some websites are even getting 30-40% traffic from mobile devices that can’t be ignored.

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