How does Off-Page SEO help your website rank high?

An off-page SEO is interlinked to your website. It could be spreading a word of mouth through influencers or creating brand awareness through LinkedIn. It helps your target audience reach your website.

What does an Off-page SEO mainly comprise of?

Brand awareness: At the end of the day, the main deal lies in generating traffic to your website. So what is the silver bullet for this? It is through Brand awareness. Having an impressive website but no audience is a nightmare for digital marketers and SEO analysts.

How to make people knock on your doorstep?

The brand awareness could be E-Mail campaigns, word-of-mouth marketing, guerilla marketing or through reviews. What could impress your audience more than a 5-star rating on your Google review or Glassdoor page?

Link Building: Link building plays a key role in generating traffic to your website. Some people are still doubtful of the link relevancy. The quality of links is more important than the number of links. Broken links will sink your website ranking. Always generate relevant backlinks by using only high authority web pages for this purpose.

Local SEO: Local SEO is about creating brand awareness among your local target audience. For example, if you belong to Sutton Coldfield, then you must be visible to your local target audience. Only then your business and brand will have the attention it deserves. So how do you build your website according to the local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

  • Link your business to Google Maps
  • Mention your address and telephone number on the local directories
  • Be active on the local forums

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