How to have 1 million visitors from Google

Google traffic is the blending of search, paid, referral, direct and social traffic. It is from Google that 73% of your website traffic arrives. So how do you tackle this? Here are our takeaways for Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Hire the best SEO Agency and SEO Writer: It would save you millions of dollars and increase your profit rate by 100%. Good content is a winner at the end. Hence you can invest in a good SEO Agency to optimize your content and a good SEO Writer to write blogs dedicatedly for your website, rather than placing just a bunch of words.

Market unique contents in crowded places: If you want to sell your content at Halesowen, then you have to share it at a forum which is highly active with your local target audience. Rather than just spamming the other websites with irrelevant comments with your website link. That is not going to work anyways. Market your website at places like GrowthHackers, LinkedIn and Quora, where the audience is more.

Use Webinars and Podcasts: 58% of marketers depend on webinars for promotion purpose. Webinars are the go-go for 40% of the viewers.

Be creative: Make your content attractive with visuals, infographics, and charts. Do not let your readers doze off with boring dull content. Add folder to your creativity.

Reduce on-site ads: There is this algorithm (Fred) which penalizes the sites which have more ads on their website. When it arrived, many websites reported a fall in their SEO ranking. Website owners, please note it. Concentrate on the user experience and not on ads.

Minimize the time taken for your mobile to respond: 61.2% of the world population is mobile users. Hence they would land on your website mostly through the mobile medium. So it is necessary that you optimize your website to match your mobile users.

Share your content elsewhere: Last but not the least, help the website users to locate your content. Share it on social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.

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