Latest Google Algorithm Update 2019: How To Recover Your Ranking And Traffic Again?

A new year brings forth new Google algorithm updates and just like last year it is the focal point in the SEO world. Google lets the users enjoy best results by finding ways to optimize the search engine. Series of Google updates in 2018 like search ranking, Google Medic impacting website were successful in spiking ranks for a variety of different websites. The main content marketing issue is the changing Google algorithm. Here are some of the noticeable Google updates-

1. Broad Core Algorithm Updates

These are regular updates announced by Google but specific details are unavailable. Few of these updates are Pigeon, Medic, and Fred. The reason for secrecy is to avoid people knowing the in-depth of how Google algorithm works.

2. Officially Named Updates

These are the major updates like Panda, Penguin, and others designed to solve a specific problem with the previous algorithms. Panda penalizes for uploading low-quality content on the site and Penguin eliminates the link spams.

3. Functionality Updates

Google brings in changes related to a specific type of functionality. For example, Google is very particular about the site loading speed and hence speed updates. Other functionality updates include a mobile-friendly page to rank high and snippet updates to affect the show up of the featured snippet.

Google updates its algorithm on a regular basis which impacts the SEO. It means you need to update your SEO strategy accordingly. However, most of the Google algorithm updates seem to serve only the main recommendations by Google known since years. It is not sure what 2019 algorithm actually brings for Google. Here are some tips to keep ranking in Google in 2019 that will never disappoint you.

Mobile Responsiveness is a must

Give high priority to make a mobile-friendly website because smartphones are ruling our life. Keep testing your website for mobile responsiveness. It is a very important factor to improve your SEO and recover the traffic. Mobile responsive web design will increase your site’s visibility on search engine. Traffic will get better and consequently lead generation!

Speed is the Word

Google really cares for page loading time and fast loading website is sure to rank high. People are impatient and having a slow loading webpage means losing all the visitors. Start testing your website speed on different devices and browsers and make changes if needed. Consider implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for mobile pages for instant loading.

High-quality Content

If your content isn’t creative then the bounce rate will always be high. Traffic and ranks can’t be earned only by creating a huge number of backlinks. Content will always be king so be informative and add value to users. Solve their problems to do better with a broad change! Be mindful of keywords title tags, which remain a very powerful ranking signal in 2019.

Link Authority

Despite Google’s priority for a quality number of backlink does matter. Do not forget that Penguin is watching you! Ensure good quality links by conducting regular backlink audits. Take immediate action for any spam link to your site and scrutinize your overall linking profile.

Click Through Rate

CTR gives a strong ranking boost and sites on Google’s first page have high click-through rates. CTR stands as an extremely relevant signal for Google ranking. Those pages with high rank may have low CTR. The main reasons being irrelevant meta description or title tags, which also affects the traffic.

Stay Tuned with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the key to know what people like. You can know how people reach your site or what they click on SERP. Looking at your own data will help you come up with a better SEO strategy. You can find the missing factor causing a high bounce rate, pages were users dwell for a longer time and factors causing high traffic.

You will find an enormous amount of ranking factors that will significantly hamper your traffic and ranking. Follow the above tips to recover your traffic and position in SERP. Considering the new Google algorithm it is suggested to focus on creating great content and mobile responsive website. Make your SEO plan reflect the 2019 Google’s algorithm updates and improve your ranking.

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