What are the Roles of a Digital Marketer?

Digital Marketing is a new level of promotion hassle that has helped many businesses to mark their presence in the online world. The masterminds behind this online exchange are known as ‘Digital Marketers’. So who they are? What exactly they do?

Let’s have a look –

Who are Digital Marketers?

Digital Marketers are online experts who are in charge of lead generation and brand awareness through various digital channels (Paid and free). These channels include search engine marketing, display advertising, search engine ranking social media and the company’s blog.

At e West Midlands, Our Internet Marketing Experts focus on the diverse Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for every channel so that they can measure the performance of the company accurately.

Key roles of a Digital Marketer

Speaking about the part of digital marketers in our SEO Company, they perform numerous roles. These are –

  • Website design and development strategy

Our internet research expert co-ordinates the functionality and design of a company’s site, working along with web designs and developers in coordinating the whole process.

  • Content Strategy

In our SEO Agency, our marketers are also responsible for creating the website content and implementing the content strategy to meet the online business objective.

  • SEO and SEM

Our digital marketers are responsible for ensuring that the website is easy to found on the World Wide Web. From optimising website structure to content creation for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or/and the use of paid advertising, our marketers can help in all strategies that can help drive potential traffic to their site.

  • Social Networking

Our team of SEO professionals is also responsible for managing the company’s brand and online presence. Social networking tools like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter permits businesses to engage with relevant consumers in real-time.

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