SEO Myths

There are many SEO Myths that have to be broken. Every Internet Service providers will hear these myths from their customers. It is time to build awareness on your brand as well as on these myths.

Myth 1: Speed isn’t everything

Don’t get eye washed with this myth. Your landing page speed plays a big role in determining the success of your website. Your landing page should open in less than 3 seconds. This should be your target time.

Myth 2: Links are dead

Backlinks improve your website visibility, improve your domain authority, help Search Engine Optimization and build your website strength. Do not get fooled by this myth on SEO.

Myth 3: Keyword Density doesn’t matter

The keyword density helps Google and other SERPs to locate your content easily and make it visible to the audience. An ideal keyword density should be 0.5-1.0%.

Myth 4: A sitemap is not necessary

Yes, Google does not take your sitemap for granted anytime. Your SEO Agency knows it. Internet marketing service might not necessarily include it but Google will land on your website according to your sitemap. So it is vital.

Myth 5: Social media helps in ranking

No, it does not help your Search Engine Optimization service. It only helps in brand awareness and visibility. It does not help your organic keyword search in SEO.

Myth 6: Biggies do it, so do I

A good Search Engine Optimization Agency will not duplicate the strategy of the competitor stalwarts. They will analyze the company and develop a strategy required for the company. The strategy will match the business needs and requirements.

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